Thursday, May 14, 2015

Knotless vs Invisible Knot (tm) Crochet


I created both the Knotless & Invisible Knot crochet technique. The picture shown is from 2010 & it was the Knotless technique. (If you look at the root behind the cornrows in the front, there are no visible knots & I used the premade sections from the diva curl by Model Model Hair Fashion Inc. I didn't give it the name, I disregarded the technique because it wasn't shed free with every type of hair. I did disclose it in my first YouTube video which I no longer have. But proof is in the picture I guess
I went on the create the Invisible Knot (tm) previously Invisible Part aka Knot free crochet weave. (I changed the name multiple times)
Every time I dabble in hair I create a new technique.... I have over 30 now, both crochet & non-crochet. Be sure to subscribe on YouTube, tons more to come

Never stop learning ~ Braided Hugs, Braided Barbie
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