Sunday, May 4, 2014

Baltimore Fashion Week 2014

I attended Baltimore Fashion Week on 15 Aug 2014. The designers were amazing, sadly we couldn't use flash to take pictures and in the dark my camera isn't the best. I purchased front row seats & the pictures were all blurry & dark. The gift bags were a huge let down but aside from that I was pleased with the looks of the models and designers. I was able to retrieve only a few pictures of the fashion.... I got a decent shot of the group vogue. They were so AMAZING they were called back to the stage. I wanted to get on the stage & I can't even dance.

Synthetic Hair ~ Eon Hair ~ Fluffy

Lipstick - KaoirCosmetics

Only a few but below are the pictures

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Never stop learning ~ Braided Hugs, Braided Barbie
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