Friday, May 1, 2015

Backless Dress Fashion

Overall: I gave the dress 4 out of 5 stars not because there's anything wrong with it. I'm yet to find a dress I'd give 5 to, maybe it the dress was custom made ;).

Full "Backless Dress Look Book" at the end of this post

Words cannot describe the pizzazz of this necklace. It has a lot of pearls and
it is a solid construction but it’s not heavy.

I included it in my wardrobe to WTAL (Woman Thou Art Loosed
conference). I got too many compliments to mention. The necklace is perfect and
it can be worn with formal attire and with a casual ensemble as you can
see from the pictures in my look book.

Backless Dress: Overall I love the construction,
fabric and comfort of the dress. I'm wearing an XL, I probably could have fitted
in a Large. 

Fit: excellent

Style: Perfect, it give the illusion of curves.

Fabric: Great and very Forgiving 

I would have given it 4.5 if I could have found a shape wear to wear with it but even without a bra or shape wear this dress is AWESOME.

For the price, the spandex is very forgiving or maybe it’s the design of the dress. The fit is insanely great. I have a little mummy tummy but my stomach isn't extremely visible. (perfect design). The dress is 38.5” long and it’s about 1” above my knees.

The entire dress is made of Spandex including the Tan strips
which makes it easy to put on. I take long strides when I walk but the
dress stays in place very well without riding up my legs which was a huge
surprise and a big plus. The dress stretches well without appearing overstretched
around my hips. Kudos

SHAPEWEAR: Spanx, as always I never leave home without my shapewear. Because this dress had a low back I folded down the top & in the pictures the shapewear is barely noticeable. Find my "favorite Spanx shapewear design here". There are different types of Spanx design, I think this one is best for women with hip and butt.

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