Monday, March 2, 2015

My 1st Crochet braids Install back in 1998

The picture below is not my first crochet install & my hairstyle was different but I did my first crochet install with needle & thread back in 1998, (Question: If uI sed needle & thread for install, does it still count as crochet braids, lol) 
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My mom bought me prebraided crochet hair back in 1998. I loved braided styles but I was so tenderheaded I couldnt wear them. We had no idea how to install pre-braided crochet hair so my mom suggested I cornrow the front with my natural hair & she'll cornrow the back into a bee-hive & sew the hair on. NEEDLESS to Say, we had no idea what we were doing. By my second install, I saw the flourescent pink & green latch hook needle at a store & asked about it. (I ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT EVERYTHING). I didn't have any money but from the description I came up with the idea to use the tapestry needle as a latch hook needle substitute.
I only started using the latch hook needle in 2001 when I moved to America because I had no idea where to find the tapestry needle. (sounds silly now but all the conveniences in America were very foreigner to this chick from Trinidad & Tobago).

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Never stop learning ~ Braided Hugs, Braided Barbie
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