Friday, February 13, 2015

Drawing Board #1 - Invisible Knot Crochet Series

<---- This picture was the inspiration for the Crochet install. It didn't work out the way I wanted & almost took the install out. Later that day I saw a guy with the weirdest hairstyle. He was Indian trying to imitate a Donald trump hair cut using hairspray or something.
That gave me a idea to salvage my install. I revamped the style, it looks closer to this ---->

My technique names will not be disclosed (to avoid a legal war or others arguing that they created it first) but I'll still share the pictures from my drawing board so you can come along on my journey. Today's feature.
Maybe I'm an overachiever but I didn't like the <---- result. In the mirror it looked fine then I took this picture and was disappointed. The install is decent but it doesn't mirror my imagined results....... Felt Mildly ANNOYED, so wore a scarf on that day. The finished work didn't mirror my imagination.... so I went  back to the drawing board & the revamped look is below 


Never stop learning ~ Braided Hugs, Braided Barbie

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