Monday, February 24, 2014

My favorite Spanx Shape wear

Since discovering the shaping difference between Spanx and the other brands/ cheaper version of shape wear, I have bought multiple Spanx design to see which one best fits my needs. I am tall and athletic build, I have a few curves but nothing to write home about so I wanted a shape wear that cinches my waist without smoohing my hips and butt. (PHOTO CREDIT: AMAZON)                   Although the previous version of Spanx I tried (in this video) worked well for cinching my waist and flattening my mommy tummy, I felt like it SQUISHING the little curves (but and hips) I had. There are many Spanx but the one I linked to is best for women with curves who could benefit from temporary cinching at the waist. On the Spanx site this  Spanx design is not always listed.
Check out my video below with a demo and tricks I used to get the most out of my Spanx

Buy it here - and be sure to check out the reviews too. There

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